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Your wait is over Learn AWS The fun way.
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You don't have to struggle any more to be the next cloud expert. Keeping up with the latest cloud technologies can feel impossible. So I will be giving away my secrets of building world-class performing apps using AWS.

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Vaibhav Tiwari

Software Engineer @Publicis Sapient

The explanation is really clear, and the practical demonstration is fantastic because it shows us exactly when, why, and how to use AWS services.

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Module Overview

Intro to Web Dev

Learn all the basics before becoming an AWS Solutions Architect by learning frontend development, backend development and how the internet works

  • How does the internet work?

  • What is Frontend?

  • Where to learn Frontend from?

  • What makes the backend?

  • Backend in Action

  • Where to host your backend?

  • What is DevOps?

  • Who are Solutions Architects?

Intro to Cloud and AWS

Learn about Cloud in general by building NodeJS web server, AWS regions and what AWS has to offer for you to become an AWS Cloud Guru by creating AWS account

  • Explain cloud like I'm 5

  • Building HTTP Server in NodeJS

  • Creating your AWS account

  • Understanding AWS Regions

  • AWS Global vs Regional services

  • Understanding Availability Zones

Setup Budgets & Alarms

No $1000 bills, setup AWS budget and Cloudwatch alarm to get notified via Email or SMS when you reach your spending limit on your AWS account or an AWS service

  • Create AWS Budgets to get notified

  • Setup Cloudwatch alerts for AWS Services

  • Test Cloudwatch Alarm with Lambda

  • Actions to take on DDoS attack


Create IAM user using AWS IAM (Identity Access Management) with least privileges, AWS IAM best practices and how to setup AWS CLI to access your AWS resources

  • Intro to AWS IAM

  • How to Create & Use IAM Users

  • Installing & Setting up AWS CLI

S3 Intro & Hands-on

Learn Amazon S3 with S3 CLI, S3 intelligent tiering, S3 Pricing, S3 Storage classes, S3 bucket policy, S3 create bucket, S3 list buckets and S3 download folder

  • Intro to S3 & Creating Buckets

  • Intro to S3 Objects and Object operations

  • Copying files to & from S3 using cp and sync

  • Deleting objects with S3 rm command

  • How NOT to make buckets public

  • Sharing S3 objects using presigned URL

  • Sharing S3 objects using ACL

  • Deleting S3 buckets using CLI

EC2 Intro & Hands-on

Your guide to Launch AWS EC2 Instance, AWS EC2 instance types, AWS EC2 SSH, EC2 Key pair, install NodeJS on EC2 with PM2 and EC2 Elastic IPs

  • Intro to EC2

  • EC2 Compute Types

  • Intro to AMIs

  • Security Groups - Intro & Hands-on

  • Creating & Importing SSH Keys

  • Launching Your First EC2

  • Connecting to EC2 with SSH

  • Installing NodeJS on Linux EC2

  • Making Live NodeJS HTTP Server

  • Keeping NodeJS Server Alive with PM2

  • Using Elastic IPs with EC2

AWS Lambda Intro & Hands-on

Learn about AWS Lambda functions, AWS Lambda limits, AWS Lambda timeout, AWS Lambda languages, AWS Lambda JavaScript and AWS Lambda with Function URL

  • Intro to Lambda

  • Lambda Runtimes

  • Writing your first Lambda with Function URL

  • Generating HTML on the Lambda

Route 53 - Domain Server Managment

Learn how to buy a domain, Route 53 pricing, connect domain to Route 53, Route 53 routing policy, Route 53 hosted zone, Route 53 alias and custom domain to EC2

  • Route53 Intro

  • Check DNS Records Using dig CLI

  • The Need for Route53

  • How to register a domain

  • Create Hosted Zone and Update Namserver

  • Add Custom domains to EC2 using A Record

  • Check for DNS record update using dig

  • DNS Record types Explained

  • Failover Routing Policy

  • Geolocation Routing Policy

  • Weighted Routing Policy

  • Latency Based Routing

  • Route53 Routing Policies

  • Latency Routing Hands-on

Host Static Sites on S3 & Cloudfront

Host static website on AWS with Astro, React, NextJS on CloudFront S3 with custom domain, Cloudfront functions, Cloudfront distribution, S3 ACL, Cloudfront OAI

  • Building Static Website with Astro

  • Publish Website to S3

  • Make S3 Bucket Accessible to Public

  • Add custom domain to S3 using Route53

  • Create Cloudfront Distribution with S3

  • Create & Validate Amazon Certificate (ACM)

  • Add Custom Domain to Cloudfront & Route53

  • Use Cloudfront Functions to add .html

  • Show Custom Errors like 404

  • Invalidate Cloudfront Cache

Cloudformation & CDK Hands-on

Learn CDK commands like CDK init, CDK deploy, CDK destroy, how to get CDK bootstrap, AWS CDK Lambda, AWS CDK TypeScript, CDK S3 bucket creation

  • Cloudformation Intro & Hands-on

  • Intro to CDK

  • How to create CDK project with TypeScript

  • Delete CDK Stack and S3 Bucket

  • Create Lambda Function with TypeScript

APIs & API Gateway

Learn what are the different types of API protocols - REST, WebSocket, GraphQL Query, gRPC vs REST, API status codes and API Gateway AWS types

  • What is an API Gateway

  • Why to use API Gateway

  • La Pinos Pizza API Example

  • Types of APIs - REST, GraphQL, gRPC

  • HTTP Status Codes

  • HTTP Methods

  • API Gateway Types

Build Image Gallery with CDK, S3, Lambda & API Gateway

Render Images from Lambda using API Gateway AWS, API Gateway Lambda, Upload file to S3, S3 presigned URL POST, S3 putobject, S3 list objects, AWS SDK V3

  • Create S3 bucket & List Images using SDK from Lambda

  • Render S3 Objects in HTML list instead of JSON

  • Show Images in list with S3 Signed URL

Intro to DynamoDB

The good, bad and ugly: Everything you need to about DynamoDB - DynamoDB vs MongoDB, fast DynamoDB scan, DynamoDB pricing, DynamoDB data types, DynamoDB TTL.

  • Intro to DynamoDB

  • Where to use DynamoDB

  • DynamoDB Data Types

  • DynamoDB Operations

  • Understanding DynamoDB Table Schema

Build Grocery Store API w/ DynamoDB, Lambda & API Gateway

It's time to put your skills to the test by building a grocery store API using DynamoDB, API Gateway and Lambda

  • Project Intro and API demo

  • Create and understand On-Demand DynamoDB Table using AWS Console

  • Insert and Retrieve Items using AWS Console

  • Create DynamoDB table with CDK

  • Create Lambda Function to add items in DB

  • Validate request body in Lambda

  • Send meaningful validation errors

  • Write Items in DynamoDB with Lambda and CDK

  • DynamoDB Batch Write - Insert multiple items at once

  • Use Global Secondary Index for search

  • Migrate from Function URL to API Gateway

  • Build GET item API

  • Cleanup & Fix API response

  • Update grocery item API with UpdateItem

  • Delete Grocery Item API

  • Return custom error on failed condition query

  • Return item IDs from add grocery API

  • Build list items API with Scan

  • Implement pagination in list API

  • Add category & name filter with GSI Query

  • Benchmark & Improve API + Lambda Performance

Build Telegram Quiz Bot with Lambda

Telegram bot are the coolest bots anyone can make. Learn to build a Telegram bot from scratch by just using AWS Lambda (No experience required)

  • Create a Telegram bot with BotFather

  • Send message to chats and groups with bot API

  • Setup webhook & Lambda to receive updates

  • Program Lambda to echo messages with sendMessage API

  • Secure your webhook API with secret token

  • Setup default bot commands and conditional response

  • Send polls and quizzes with send poll API

  • Send random AWS quiz from webhook

  • Allow bot to reply when messaged from group

  • Use random Int instead of Math.random

Ready to meet the Masterchef ?

First of all, thank you for making it till here. You, my friend, are part of the reason I love teaching so much.

It couldn’t have been possible without your passion for learning and the desire to help the world with what you’ll learn here.

That’s what has brought me so far to realise the need for AWS Masterclass.

Hi there! I am Shivam, your AWS guy for this cohort.

Being a full stack developer with 5 years of experience, I have happily taught thousands of students on YouTube, where I create videos for developers like you on JavaScript, TypeScript, React, NodeJS, AWS and many more.

Before you enrol if not already, you should check out some of my free-forever videos to see if you love how I teach.

Your handsome instructor wearing AWS T-Shirt
blurry circle rotating Your handsome instructor pulling his hair out

I can relate how hard it is for you to find the right resources to fulfil your needs.

After entering the world of web development when I was 14, and unable to find what was actually needed to build my dream projects, I felt helpless.

Still I was able to build an application by

  • Spending hundreds of sleepless nights on experimentation
  • Struggling on my own by reading documentation
  • Asking people for help in Discord channels
  • Scanning through hundreds of issues on GitHub
  • Opening a new issue if nothing was found
  • Emailing AWS support back-and-forth

Now that I have all the secrets,
I can’t wait to share them with you!

Trust me, it wasn’t easy. Reading the AWS documentation only gives you very little clarity. I assure you that I’ll make it super simple for you.

I’m not here to be a businessman, but your friend and mentor, unlike others. I want to see you build scalable solutions, know the best service to use in AWS, learn how to think on your own, and be the best ever problem-solver in the world of cloud.

AWS Services You Will Learn

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

Do I need to have prior knowledge of AWS?
While it's helpful to have some prior knowledge of AWS but it's not a requirement. The cohort is designed to be accessible to beginners and experienced users alike.
How AWS Masterclass is useful for me?
The AWS Masterclass cohort is for you, if you are looking to take your AWS skills to the next level and build real-world projects using advanced AWS services.
How long is the cohort?
The cohort is like a marathon, not a sprint. It's a 45-day journey through the world of AWS, packed with learning, building, growing, and weekends will be off for you to practice.
Will I get to meet new people?
It's not all work and no play. Along the way, you'll have the chance to make new friends and learn from each other in a supportive community of like-minded AWS enthusiasts.
How many hours do I need to give everyday?
While we'll only have a live Zoom class for 1.5 hours each day, it's important to set aside additional time for practice and hands-on projects.
Will I get certificate on course completion?
Absolutely! If you're actively participating in the cohort and building alongside, you'll be eligible to receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.
What will I learn in this cohort?
In the AWS Masterclass cohort, you will learn advanced topics in AWS, including authentication, media services, and event-driven architecture.
How do I attend the cohort?
Attending the cohort is as easy as joining a Zoom call! Simply make sure you have the Zoom app installed on your device, and click on the provided link at the designated time.
What projects will I be building?
We'll be building some truly amazing projects like Secure Image Gallery, Newsletter Solution and a Music Streaming Platform using Lambda, S3, Cloudfront, DynamoDB, SES, Cognito and API Gateway.
Will I get hands-on experience and feedback?
Of course, you will have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects and receive feedback from me and other cohort members.
Is it helpful for getting AWS certified?
Absolutely! Whether you're looking to earn a Solutions Architect or Developer certification, the skills and knowledge you'll gain in the cohort will be invaluable.
Can I put these projects on my resume?
Why not? Whether you're looking to build a portfolio or simply want to stand out in a crowded job market, the projects you build in the cohort will be a valuable addition to your resume.

So, What are you waiting for?

Waiting only delays your learning and affects your chances of opening new doors. Think Twice!
You can't let such an opportunity slip away.