LearnAWS Privacy Policy - Protecting Your Data

Do we really care about your data?

At LearnAWS, we believe that it is the right of every individual to their information. We respect that right, and it is our responsibility to make sure you feel trusted, secure and safe.

The first thing that most websites want from you, when you first visit them is your valuable data. Later on, they tell you to accept their cookies, deal in your name, email, contact, address, card details, even for a free trial.

It’s not worth the risk, unless they actually tell you how they’re going to use your crucial data, in your best interests. That’s why we have an honest privacy policy, which you can actually read through in minutes.

Your data is our responsibility, and we’ll protect it at all costs.

About LearnAWS

LearnAWS is an organization which has only one mission:

Teach and make AWS reach curious developers like you.

Information we collect, and why

Information we will never collect

We do not collect any personal or identifiable information regarding usage, such as ISPs, IP addresses, crash logs or page visits. We do not set any cookies either. We care about your personal information, so why collect it when we don’t need it?

Data Protection at LearnAWS

We do everything in our capacity to protect your data. We are not associated with any business partners, so your information is not shared with any third-party company or website. We promise that we will not sell your data at any cost.

Our commitment to keep your data secure

We use AWS services to store your data. Encryption is by-default built around AWS services. Data ins and outs are tight-knitted, only required to send relevant newsletter emails to your inbox, and mandatorily compliant with data regulation laws. Your data is not used by anyone outside LearnAWS, and since it is managed by AWS data servers, there is no possibility of a breach. You can learn more about AWS Data Protection at https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/data-protection/.

In case you have signed up for our newsletter and change your mind about receiving further emails about LearnAWS tips and hacks from us (we are optimistic that will likely never happen), you will have an Unsubscribe link at the end of each email, and you are automatically removed from the emailing list. If you want a complete data wipeout, email us at deletion@learnaws .io and we’ll ensure that we have no more of your personal data on our end.

If you purchase our courses via Razorpay, then you comply with Razorpay’s Privacy Policy at https://razorpay.com/privacy/.

Privacy Policy Changes

In case of any updates or changes we might bring to LearnAWS’s Privacy Policy, we will present the exact changes to you via email, and also notify you of the same when you first visit the LearnAWS website in the form of a banner; inviting you to check out what has changed since your last visit. It’s unlikely we’ll change our privacy policy often, but we are always open to feedback from our well-wishing customers, and eager to mend something if required.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns about the data we collect, contact us at support@learnaws.io for further clarifications.