LearnAWS Refund Policy - Fair and Transparent Returns

At LearnAWS, we work in your best interests.

Leaving is sad, but we just want you to be happy. That’s why we have carefully chalked out a refund policy for both our cohort and course, which is a fair deal for both you and LearnAWS.


The cohort is specially designed so that you can comfortably learn and ask questions right away. If you have problems with timings, we will gladly move you up to the next cohort.

But since the seats are limited and blocked for your convenience, it holds back other people who might be eagerly waiting to book their seat for the AWS Masterclass, and they will be denied the deserving chance.

So we suggest that, if you are really unable to attend the cohort in between, you may elect another friend or colleague who can attend and learn on your behalf.


In an unfortunate turn of events that you might consider that our course is not working out for you and you’d like a refund, we would like to sincerely delve deep with you into what went wrong, what exactly you want differently and try to make arrangements so that you are able to get the best learning out of the course.

Arrangements might include (and not limited to)

Because at the end, it’s not all about the price, but the mission we have at hand - for you to succeed in achieving cloud freedom, and for us to build a stronger, trusted relationship over learning.

We’ll have the Course Structure clearly laid out, so it’s not possible to add topics/modules pertaining to AWS services other than the ones covered. In case of such a request where you need specific AWS services to be covered, drop us an email at feedback@learnaws .io and we’ll try our best to accommodate your requested services in a new AWS course.

If nothing really works out after that, you can email us at refund@learnaws .io within 7 days of your purchase, and we’ll kindly issue you a refund.