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Peekaboo, my fellow developer! 👀

You might not know me yet, but my name is Shivam. I founded LearnAWS with the vision of making developers cloud-ready with AWS and go beyond the usual solution-searching on the web for architecting their systems.

What to expect when you’re learning from me?

I have worked for over 5 years in full-stack development for numerous clients and companies, and have helped them build their dream projects, and I’m pumped to do even more for you.

I have a burning passion for staying on top of every bleeding-edge, fascinating technology, and sharing only the best with my circle.

Nothing interests me more than guiding valuable developers like you, who are on your journey to upskill, automate and invent. So, evaluate your goals on what you want to achieve, and rule the cloud by becoming an AWS master.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar

AWS Re-imagined 🤯

I’ll treat you like an insider in AWS by making you proficient with the knowledge I have gained quite painstakingly over the years. I guarantee you - with my guidance and resources, you’ll be building highly scalable solutions in no time.

My mission: Making AWS more accessible to as many people as possible by 2023.

Why did I choose AWS over other cloud providers?

But I can just use any hosting provider to host my website

Yeah, I can also eat out every day, but there is a reason I cook by myself.

Time is fleeting, but cloud isn’t. It’s the new fuel for the web. Every individual, every company, who wants to stay ahead of the game in this fast-paced world, uses the cloud to leverage their possibilities.

At LearnAWS, our mission is to succeed in making AWS more accessible to the world.

By our, I include every developer who’s going to embark on this journey with me -

Why AWS?

Thank you for sticking through. Just one thing to mark the start of something new :

You got this!

Me showing thumbsup from both hands, cheering you up

What technologies do I work with?

A day in my life - experiences

I wake up every day, and I look back on where it all began, and how my ship of Forever Learning and Teaching has sailed.

GitHub is the app I visit, first thing in the morning, no coffee needed. I open my eyes to the latest repositories, issues and trending PRs that have made their way into my GitHub feed.

I open my emails - bombarded by GitHub bots as usual, and a few familiar contributors. My eyes stop at impactful issues that will make my life easier - I start thinking about how to contribute to the repository.

Why such a routine? Because my life and many other developers’ lives run on open-source, even if they don’t acknowledge it.

That’s my story of reaching 500+ followers on GitHub, who I affectionately cherish.

I am happy to have mentored thousands of students across YouTube, and glad to have a family of 30K+ across all the channels.

I am a freelancer by day (free stands for freedom) and provide one-on-one mentoring and assistance to experienced professionals who reach out to me.

I churn out easy-to-digest content for 10K+ steady learners on LinkedIn who follow me and explore the horizons of web development. We are all linked in this together!

Now that you are reading this, I’ll tell you something that helped me through this journey.

Never settle for what others say - find the truth. Find a better solution if it doesn’t fit. Who knows, maybe you’re the only one who sees the light in it all. And make friends on the way.

On this note, set out on your journey in this new year and conquer the world of AWS now.

Is it just you in LearnAWS?

I know it is very usual to be curious about this, and other similar questions.

For now it’s just me. I have great ideas incoming for next courses and cohorts to come.

LearnAWS is the perfect place for you to realise your cloud dream. Whenever I wish to share something new I discover, you will be the first to know from my newsletter.

I’ll help you avoid the mistakes which people tend to make, which will give you an edge over other self-paced courses.

Goodbye redundancy, Hello Cloud! 👋

Keep learning your way to achieving cloud-freedom.