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Every leader needed a teacher who shows the way

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Who are teachers?

My teachers were:


They hold you up even with old frail hands, They mash their heads like a potato over your problems, They bash you when they know revenge helps you succeed, They are the tea when your coffee machine stops working - but you hate tea. Sometimes, you hate to be ‘taught’.

The kind gestures after a tough day, The harsh failures after months of work, The unexpected roadblocks in your journey, The consolation prize even when you placed fourth - All taught you how to manage risk better.

Every mistake made, Every penny flown in vain, Every road that got you lost, Every sickness that got you gasping for life, Every scam that made you increase awareness for others - is your teacher.

Teachers or mentors?

Sometimes it’s a mentor, Sometimes even the mentee and the enemy. If parents hold your hand and make you learn to walk, Teachers have the hands which help you walk on the right path.

Be it a stranger or the vast nature, The people who you’ve crossed paths with, The 30 km races you didn’t know you could finish, Who’ve taught you at least one thing to be better at life - they are your teachers.

I never went to University. ↳ But University students and working professionals still learn from me at LearnAWS.

I am Indian, not a native English speaker. ↳ But I’m fluent, and get to work with the biggest clients.

Teachers don’t have to be life-changing. You can be that, too.